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Exhibit 15

Clam Jack. The (2) known documents about him.

_____ [ Document 1 / 1898 book ] _____

"Happy days in southern California", by Frederick Hastings Rindge, 1898, page 46

Image of page 46 with markup added to highlight Rindge's paragraph about Clam Jack:

_____ [ Transcription of paragraph ] _____

"Down near Redondo a boxed Bible once floated ashore. Clam Jack, who found it, is an old-timer who earns his living by digging clams, and peddling them out in Redondo from his faithful old burro. I have often wondered whence came that fine bible, so carefully crated. Perhaps when some ship was going down it was thrown overboard by some one who knew its worth. It may have been a message from Heaven to kind of Clam Jack. May he have accepted the passport to God, so strangely sent."

_____ [ /Transcription ] _____

_____ [ Document 2 / 1899 newspaper article] _____

Clam Jack's obituary in the Los Angeles Times:

"Death of the Hermit of the Sand Dunes", Los Angeles Times, March 16, 1899

Image of the obituary: