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Part 3

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Seaweed Dolls by Mary E. (Mamie) Buxton


Ever the naturalist, Mary E. (Mamie) Buxton (1869-1948) created seaweed dolls at Redondo Beach sometime before 1912 and she documented it with photos, writing a prize winning newspaper article and writing a poem about the seaweed and dolls which got published. Remarkably, the body part of one of her seaweed dolls still exists today and a photo of it is shown below along with images of her wonderful prize winning newspaper article and poem so they can be read again today.

The following image was captured of one of Mame E. Buxton's old scrapbook pages with a newspaper article pasted on it. The article itself is composed above of a photograph of the seaweed dolls Mame created (probably photographed by her) and below is the text of a poem written by Mame about the seaweed and dolls. Next to this scrapbook page is held the remnant of one of her seaweed dolls.



San Francisco Call, Volume 111, Number 38, 7 January 1912, page 14 excerpt: