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California Coastal Commission - August 8, 2018 - Public Comment

Galen Hunter reads an 1895 description of the pebble beach at Redondo.

View the video of the August 8, 2018 California Coastal Commission meeting at Redondo Beach. Click on the play icon in the middle of the black screen on the upper left corner of the page, then expand the screen and scroll to the end of the meeting at 6:34:40 (hour 6, minute 34, second 40).

Download the California Coastal Commission Shoreline Protective Devices - Report (pdf, 148 KB)

Chairwoman Bochco: Ok. We have one speaker for public comment left. God bless your soul whoever you are. Uh. Jack do you want to say anything?

Director Ainsworth: We have the statewide things that should go pretty quickly.

Chairwoman Bochco: Ok, should I have the speaker first?

Director Ainsworth: Yes. Let’s do that.

Chairwoman Bochco: Ok, Mister Hunter do you want to come forward?

Chairwoman Bochco: Did you actually stay all day?

Galen Hunter: Yeah. Oh yeah. Totally enjoyed it.

Chairwoman Bochco: Wow. Oh good.

Galen Hunter:

Hello. My name is Galen Hunter and I’m here to read a 1895 description of the famous pebble beach that used to be here at Redondo. Right here you’d be able to hear the waves from here.

I’m doing an independent presentation of researching the natural history and archaeology of the four miles or so here. And, uh, for me, it’s sort of a type site of everything you’ve been discussing today. Including, the really timely and meaningful to me, the, uh, wonderful and excellent, Shoreline Protective Device[s] briefing and discussion was just excellent.

And this is part of what I’ve … because of what I’ve … because, what happened to the, uh, pebble beach, was, uh, seawall or rock revetment, partial breakwater, seawall, seawall, seawall, dredging, harbor, Pebble beach gone. So that’s, you can see how that relates to the discussion earlier.

This paragraph was written by George Wharton James, a popular lecturer, and writer and editor and photographer.

And, uh, I’m not going to do the reading justice, so imagine this is Sir David Attenborough or somebody reading this, not me, please. [Laughter]

It’s just a paragraph from several paragraphs - a larger piece about Redondo.

[Galen Hunter reading this paragraph from page 366 of the 1895 B.R. Baumgardt & co's tourists' guide book to south California... By G. Wharton James]

Galen Hunter [continuing]:

My voice is not … Thank you for your patience listening to that.

I really like this paragraph. It’s interesting that the pebbles and the water – James puts together. The water is a big issue here as you guys know as well as anybody.

Those wells were 40 wells surrounding the lake.

There was a pebble beach, sand dune and lake. Right there. [Pointing].

And uh, uh there’s a huge backstory here, but I’m going to leave it as it is. Thank you.

Chairwoman Bochco: Thank you. And thank you for spending time with us.