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California Coastal Commission - July 7, 2015 - Report Reference

Status of the Old Salt Lake site as a wetland, footnote (15) refers readers to

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Remarkably, for the writer and creator of this virtual museum, a footnote for a paragraph in the Wetlands section of the recent (July 2015) California Coastal Commission (CCC) report, refers readers of the report to, this web site. This paragraph in the CCC report summarizes the Coastal Commission position on the wetland status of the place. The paragraph is copied below.

The CCC document is part of the California Energy Commission (CEC) project process about the future of the Old Salt Lake site. At the time of this writing, the CEC is meeting to discuss the CCC report. The CCC has the power to include significant conditions on the site in the CEC project apparently. Moreover, the CCC has updated their original June issued report with an July addendum which does indeed add new interesting conditions now described in the wetland section of the report.

Download the Coastal Commission report (pdf, 157 KB)
Date: July 7 2015, includes Addendum. See page 31 of the pdf file (page 24 of the report) for footnote 15.

The California Coastal Commission report, title page:

Footnote 15:

"See also, for example, documentation on"

The paragraph with footnote 15 in it. [Excerpt of page 24 of the report]: