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Epic Footprint of the 1909 Huntington Breakwater - report

Part 3

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Piling Graveyard

At the north end of the 1909 Huntington Breakwater, under the current version of the pier structure, lay old pilings from previous versions of the pier. Damaged by storms, the original pier structure and pilings, built in 1915/16, was repaired and rebuilt several times over the last 100 years. Some of the original 1916 pilings are stacked on top of the original stone revetment "breakwater" built in 1909 by Henry Huntington. See the photos below of these pilings and compare them to the 1916 Engineering News article also copied below which details the construction of the 1916 pier with measurements of the pilings and includes a photo of one of the original pilings. A brief visual inspection of the old pilings there today and rough measurements do indeed appear to match the description of the pilings in the 1916 article. The old piling appear to be purposefully laid on top of the 1909 revetment. A rough count was made of these 1916 piling and the total appears to be some 15 broken pieces of various length.

Also included among the old pilings laying across the stone revetment is a section of an old piling that does not match the description of the 1916 Engineering News article. This one particular piece (photo below) is a wood piling reinforced by concrete and may be a piece of one of the twelve piling the City of Redondo Beach in 1942 approved for repair as mentioned in the 1942 city meeting minutes copied below.

This revetment spot has modern rubbish in it and various pieces of wood. Though unlikely, perhaps pieces of the wood are from the original Wharf built in 1889 by the Redondo Beach Company could be found in this piling graveyard as "Wharf 1" piling remains were located a few feet north of the original install of the 1916 pilings (see photo below). No artifact from Wharf 1 is currently known to exist.

Three photos taken January 9, 2015 at 3pm, looking south.



1916 Engineering News, page 518, 519 and 520.

Detail of Figure 2 on page 518 showing piling





Detail of drawing on page 518. Note 1909 Huntington Breakwater, Bathhouse and Pavilion.

In the third contemporary photo of the old piling graveyard seen above, is a remnant of an old wood piling reinforced with concrete. It is likely that this piling was one of the twelve described in the minutes of the August 24, 1942 city council meeting seen below.

The lower portion of this photo (date unknown) shows the remaining wood pilings of Wharf 1 just a few feet north of the 1916 pier and 1909 Huntington Breakwater.