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The Historic Springs (and the Castle) on the High Bluffs at the beach north of the ravine or hollow at Malaga Cove

Part 3

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1920's pamphlet: "A Seven Weeks' Journey" by Louis C. Dart, The "Hermit" of Flotsam Castle

Subtitle: "Down into the Valley of the Shadows and Back to the Light and Fullness of Life"

This is an original and previously unpublished pamphlet by Louis C. Dart. The two-sided, single paper pamphlet was found in the John G. Buxton Collection. The exact date Dart created this pamphlet is unknown, but it would be about the mid 1920's.

Side (1) of pamphlet (detail below):


Side (2) of pamphlet:


Front of pamphlet:


Back of pamphlet:


Photo shown of Flotsam Castle on the back of the pamphlet (detail):